Get Funds in the Right Amount For Your Needs With a Personal Unsecured Loan.

"Getting a Personal Unsecured Loan Just Got Quicker and Easier Than Before"

Up to $175,000 with 0% Interest*.
This Extraordinary Program paid out over $250,000,000 last year alone!

Qualifications include 680+ Credit Score, Less than 4 hard inquiries the last 6 months, minimum late payments, no income requirements, other aspects of your credit history will also impact the loan approaval. 

If you don't qualify for this loan, please see below for more options and alternatives. 

What is a Personal Loan? It’s a loan that you personally qualify and sign for, based on your Credit Score/Credit History. The Personal Loans can either be secured by some form of Collateral/Security or Unsecured which means that you don’t have to back the loan with any property, stocks, car title loan etc. Most of our loans are Unsecured. 

Unsecured Personal Loans are popular for a few main reasons: They’re flexible, fast, and require far less paperwork than traditional loans.

MyUnsecured.Loan has several options for you depending upon your Credit Score/Credit History:

PROGRAM #1 - Personal Unsecured Loan up to $175,000: MyUnsecured.Loan’s Flagship Program offers an Unsecured Loan up to $175,000 without interest payments for the first 12 to 21 months for credit scores of 680+. You need to have 4 or less hard inquiries in the last 6 Months and a utilization rate on your existing credit lines of 50%. No Proof of Income required.

The funds can be used at your own discretion. Do you need cash for a larger purchase? Perhaps a down payment on a house, purchase a new car, repay a student loan, or pay medical bills? Repayment is only 1% per month. 


PROGRAM #2 - Bad Credit solution, up to $4,000: This program is for applicants that don’t qualify for our #1 Program but still need a loan. Qualifications: Bad Credit Personal Loans. Up to $4,000 USD. Interest rates varies depending on your Credit Score/Credit History. Credit Score of 510 and above. Suggested minimum income to qualify is $1,500.

Most of these loans in this category are unsecured. These loans can be a good option if you need immediate cash to cover emergency expenses and you are certain that you can repay them despite of the higher interest rates. 


Which Personal Loan Suits You Best?

Get up to $175,000 per applicant in a personal unsecured loan. 0% interest the initial 12-21 months. For FICO scores of 680+ and above. 

Also suitable for pre-revenue startups.

Bad credit is not an issue. We got you covered.Get up to $4,000 within 48 hours. For FICO score of 510 and above. 


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